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For the Module Builder (and/or Server Administrator)

This section contains links to tutorials and other resources for those building modules (single and multiplayer) using the NWN Aurora toolset. These will include things like basic area design, scripting, and links to useful tools. It also includes several topics of interest for those running multiplayer NWN servers.

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Links: Toolset Improvements - There are a couple of alterations available which improve on the Aurora toolset that is included with the game.

NWN Toolset Modification (by axs) - A modified version of the toolset that widens drop-down lists, making it easier to use appearances (creatures, placeables, tails, etc.) that have long names and allows multiple toolset instances to be open.
Neverwinter Nights Toolset Extender (NWNTX) - A very useful program that improves script compiling and overall responsiveness of the toolset.

Links: Community Sites - There are multiple web sites out there that offer a wealth of additional information and content for Neverwinter Nights. Each of these sites has something different to offer and are worth a look.

The Neverwinter Vault - THE new place to go to download new single-player modules, game enhancing overrides, hak files, character portraits, and practically anything else for NWN. A backup for the old Vault and a spot for new content.
NWNWiki - A great source of information for all features of the game, from class features to feats to spells to NWN creature statistics and beyond.
Neverwinter Nights Podcast - This podcast, running from 2006 to 2014, featured NWN, NWN2, and the later Neverwinter MMO. Lots of entertaining history here.

Links: Builder Resources - Helpful resources for builders of single player and multiplayer/PW modules.

The Guide to Building Volume I The Aurora Toolset Manual - A pdf manual designed to help a new builder make use of the NWN Aurora toolset.
The Guide To Building Volume II - The Design Manual - A pdf manual with helpful suggestions for the design phase of building a module.
NWN HoTU Toolset Manual - Another pdf manual designed to help new builders learn to use the toolset.
Neverwinter Nights Lexicon - Web-based help file for NWScript, with definitions and examples of functions, constants, and more, plus tutorials.
NWN Scripting Tools and Resources - A compiled listing of very useful tools and resources for scripting in NWN.
Resources for NWN 1 Builders - Toolset - A compiled listing of useful tools and resources, ranging from toolset tutorials to prefab items and scripts.
Forgotten Realms Wiki - A handy resource for background information when building a Forgotten Realms-based module.
World of Greyhawk Wiki - A handy resource for background information when building a Greyhawk-based module.
Serendipity - A wide assortment of random text generators for things like NPC and town names, item descriptions, and more.
NWN PC Color Palettes - All the color palettes, with color numbers, used by PLT objects (armor, cloaks, etc.)
LS-TK Script Generator (Lilac Soul's Script Generator, updated for NWN 1.69) - A powerful script generator for new scripters and builders.

Links: Server Administrator Resources - Helpful resources for those running and hosting NWN games.

Stand Alone (Dedicated) Server - The best way to run (host) a multiplayer NWN game, which doesn't require a game client or DM login.
Neverwinter Nights Extender (NWNX2) - Adds a vast amount of extra functionality to the game server and module, almost a necessity for any PW builder/admin. - Server Status Check - This handy site allows anyone to check on the status of a live server and even get a widget for their website to display this status.
GameSpy Replacement - Information on getting a server included with alternative services that replace the list from GameSpy.

Tutorials - Useful tutorials for both new and experienced builders and scripters.

BioWare Module Construction Tutorial - A .pdf tutorial that walks a novice builder through making a new module, step by step (sample finished module as .zip here).
Aurora Engine: The Easy Way to Add Secret and Placeable Doors to Your NWN Mod - An updated tutorial on using existing game resources for adding special doors.
Overview of Bioware's Walk Waypoint System - A helpful explanation of how waypoints are used in the toolset for NPC movement.
Securing Your Server Without Master Server Authentication - A quick and effective set of scripts for providing account security without BioWare's Master Server functioning.
Neverwinter Nights 1.69 Builders Guide to Horses & Creature Scaling - A guide written to help builders use the horse and creature scaling functionality included with the 1.69 patch.
Common Hak Package Installation - Information on installing common hak packages in your module.
Toolset Features and Tips - A guide to lesser known, but helpful toolset features.
How to Mass Edit and Data Mine your Module - Links and info that shows how you can use external scripting to get information from your module and even make mass changes.