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How To: Extend an Animation (using gmax)
By: Rolo Kipp [sourcex]
Modified By: The Amethyst Dragon

This tutorial will show you how to extend the time a single animation of a model using gmax (making that particular animation take longer to complete).

Step 1: Select the Model Base:

Step 2: Select Your Animation:

Scroll down the rollout to the list of anims:

In this case, I might want to make the "on" anim a lot longer, because I want the Hom bottle to bubble and boil or something. Right now it's 10 frames - from 70 to 80. Double click the anim to zoom in on just that anim.

Step 3: Adjust the Time Scale:

Now select *all* of your model's parts, so you get all the keys showing on the anim track.

Click on the "Time Configuration" button near the lower right:

Click on "Re-scale Time" button:

And change the ending time of the anim from 80 to 120:

This will insert a bunch of frames, pushing other keys down-time.

Step 4: Edit the Aurora Base Animations:

Return to the model base anim rollout:

Edit the animation entries, starting with the one you altered, so that they show the new animation frame range. In this example:
change "on 70 80" to "on 70 120"
change "on2off 90 120" to "on2off 130 160"

To change animation frames, click on the animation in the list. Below the list you will find the following:

The Start Frame box will have your selected animation's old start frame number. The End Frame box will have the old ending frame. Change these to match your new animation length(s), then click on the Apply Edits button.