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How To... Various Tutorials, Tips, and Hints for Making Custom Content

This list links to various small tutorials, tips, and hints for accomplishing various types of custom content tasks for NWN. Some of these may not be covered in depth elsewhere, while others links are borrowed from here.

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How To: Extract a Game Resource (using NWN Explorer Reborn) by The Amethyst Dragon
How To: Display a TGA & PLT on the Same Body Part at the Same Time by Old Time Radio
How To: Use Emitters to Give the Illusion of Self-Randomizing Texture by Old Time Radio
How To: Add Custom Familiars & Animal Companions to a Module by Axe Murderer
How To: Create Models by Danmar (LOK Video Tutorials)
     Part 1: Create Placeable Model
     Part 2: Create placeable in GMax
     Part 3: Export Models
     Part 4: Texturing
     Part 5: Adding Animations
     Part 6: Weapons
     Part 7: Creature Creation
     Part 8: Texturing, Part 2
How To: Make a Custom Soundset by Ddraigcymraeg
How To: Make an Animated Texture by Old Time Radios (Video Tutorial)
     Part 1: Overview of Tools & Workflow
     Part 2: Creating a NWN-usable sprite sheet from an animated .GIF
     Part 3: Applying our NWN-ready sprite sheet to both an Editable Mesh plane and an Emitter
     Part 4: Quickly converting animated gif for NWN
     Part 5: What We've Learned So Far
How To: Make a Stone Wall Texture with Photoshop by Renzatic
How To: Re-Skin Creature Textures by Robin Mayne
How To: Add a New Cloak Texture by The Amethyst Dragon
How To: Add a New Robe by ThriKreen
How To: Retexture a Tileset 2 (Tileset Texturing for Dummies II) by Velmar
How To: Make a Tileset Group by GuS
How To: Make Inventory Icons by The Amethyst Dragon
How To: Create a Custom Tilex by Mr. X
How To: Add Materials to the Library (using gmax) by The Amethyst Dragon
How To: Extend an Animation (using gmax) by Rolo Kipp